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  organic yuzu tea-tonic – a balanced blend of invigorating citrus and soothing organic herbal notes. this caffeine-free tantalizing brew offers a revitalizing experience that rejuvenates both body and soul with every sip.

our classic organic teas
milk teas  
• jasmine Green
• assam black
• roasted oolong
• hong kong style
• rose jasmine green
• magic milk tea
• white peach oolong
• thai milk tea
hot 16oz / iced 24oz
flavour teas
• winter melon
• mango
• peach
• honeydew
• strawberry
• lemon
• passion fruit
• lychee
• guava
• watermelon
hot 16oz / iced 24oz
our organic wellness immuni-teas
magic moringa
this tea combines this magic plant with apple, pumpkin, carrots, grapes, fennel and natural flavouring to produce a smooth, slightly sweet taste.  
twilight turmeric
a smooth blend of lemongrass, ginger, turmeric root, fennel, and black and pink peppercorns. a relaxing and refreshing drink… hot or iced.  
immuni-tea booster*
a tasty blend of peppermint, lemongrass, echinacea, cinnamon, spearmint, fennel, cardamom, rosehips, ginger, burdock, cloves, mullein, blackberry leaves and pepper is terrific for supporting your immune system.  
detoxicating burst
the combination of dandelion root and leaf, stinging nettle, ginger root,
lemongrass, rosehips underpinned by rooibos works on so many levels to cleanse the liver and kidneys, reduce inflammation.
*this tea is not suitable for pregnancy, nursing, or people on any medications.
our signature beverages
  lychee mojito  
  a refreshing delicious Premium Lychee Jasmine Tea mixed with Fresh Mint Leaves and Real Lychee Fruit with a lychee jelly toppings.  
  dairy free  
  iced only / 24oz  
  mingle mango  
  a perfect juicy cup of Mango Slush meets real
Mango Chunks. a flow of mango poppig boba
for an extra burst of flavour.
  dairy free / caffeine free  
  iced only / 24oz  
  roseberry madness  
  an ingenious combination of Strawberry with
Organic Rose Petal Tea. includes strawberry
heart toppings to complement the mild and
delicate flavour.
  dairy free / caffeine free  
  iced only / 24oz  
  passional limelight  
  a splash of Passion Fruit and Lime flavours
transforms our refreshing Organic Jasmine
Green Tea into an exotic beverage.
  dairy free  
  iced only / 24oz  
  taro lachie  
  a rich and creamy Milk beverage blend with
Real Taro. includes brown sugar agar boba
and a layer of our irresistible brown sugar
milk foam.
  dairy free / caffeine free  
  iced only / 24oz  
  magic cafe sua da  
  our distinct, home-brewed Vietnamese Coffee
has a perfect and secret twist with a strong
level of “jolt-your-socks-off” caffeine.
  strongly caffeinated  
  iced only / 24oz  
our smoothie & frappes
peach • mango • honeydew • strawberry
thai tea • taro • matcha • magic coffee
our dairy options
half and half
whole milk
oak milk
our food & desserts

butter beer (every october, yearly)
curry meatball (every september, yearly)
pork shumai (all year round)
matcha affogato
(every august, yearly)
classic halo halo
(every june to july, yearly)
crab shumai (all year round)
urban pizza
(every december, year)

air fried takoyaki (every april & may)


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